D&A Carmichael Consulting Inc. offers a comprehensive range of business planning, management consulting and human resources services in both official languages. Serving clients since 1985, D&A Carmichael Consulting is well positioned to offer complete and ongoing client services in human resources management and administration, including:

Conflict management and harassment investigation services:
    • Diagnoses of work place problems
    • Early dispute resolution
    • Facilitations
    • Investigations
    • Training and workshops
    • Staff relations advice and support
Human resources policy development and review:
    • Harassment in the workplace
    • Values and ethics
    • Disclosure of wrongdoing in the workplace
Team building and management coaching

Management training and development

Independence, fairness, thoroughness and discernment are the cornerstones upon which D&A Carmichael Consulting Inc.'s reputation for quality is built. Its excellent reputation is widely known in the federal government departments in locations across Canada. Executives in government departments and agencies, non-government organizations, employee associations and the private sector have availed themselves of the conscientious advice and support the firm provides. Recent clients include Services Canada, National Defence, Canadian Coast Guard, Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Environment Canada. A full client list is attached.

Officials in federal central agencies such as the Treasury Board Secretariat, Public Service Commission and the Canadian Human Rights Commission recognize and respect the firm for its professionalism, sensitivity and dependability. As well, D&A Carmichael Consulting Inc. has provided contractual services to the Social Sciences Employee Association (SSEA) and is respected by the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), two certified bargaining agents.

D&A Carmichael Consulting Inc. has developed a team of trusted associates with an effective mix of human resources expertise and management experience combined with outstanding analytical and writing skills. The associates are well versed in human resources management and legislation applicable to the rapidly evolving field of conflict management, early dispute resolution and harassment in the work place as well as investigative methodology and techniques. Their performance is monitored against the firm's quality standards which have been honed by many years of experience.

D&A Carmichael Consulting Inc. is active in providing clients with training and development to increase awareness of inappropriate behavior leading to complaints of harassment and discrimination. Its workshops and seminars provide managers with the tools and abilities to handle such complaints in accordance with the principles of fairness, natural justice, rules of evidence and early conflict resolution. The firm delivers courses and seminars to the public and private sectors both directly and through such educational institutions as Federated Press, the Office of Continuing Education at the University of Ottawa as well as the Canadian Society for the Advancement of Workplace Solutions.

D&A Carmichael Consulting Inc. co-conducted with Lucie A Savage Consulting Inc., on behalf of the Treasury Board Secretariat, a study of the federal public service policy on Harassment in the Workplace. This study was a comprehensive look at the policy and related issues, such as the need for greater emphasis on alternate and informal dispute resolution measures, the time and cost required for investigations, quality of investigative reports. This study followed on a previous study (autumn 1998) conducted by D&A Carmichael Consulting Inc. with Ms. Savage on behalf of the Treasury Board Secretariat to compare private and public sector policies and practices relating to harassment in the workplace.