Anthony J. Charbonneau


Mr. Charbonneau has worked as an associate of D&A Carmichael Consulting Inc. since September 2001. Under Ms. Carmichael's tutelage, he has become thoroughly familiar with the Treasury Board policy on Prevention and Resolution of Harassment in the Workplace and its application in at least nine investigations, of which four took place in the past two years. In addition, he completed the School of Public Service course on Investigating Harassment Complaints (T703, 28 February to 4 March 2005).

As a harassment investigator, Mr. Charbonneau interviewed complainants and respondents, scheduled and interviewed witnesses, prepared interview statements for signatures by the parties or witnesses, drafted reports on findings, drafted analyses and conclusions, prepared executive summaries and briefed clients. Mr. Charbonneau has contributed his skills in using visual analytical tools, techniques and models to depict and present the complex causes and effects of harassment in the workplace.

Mr. Charbonneau has an extensive background in management, human resources and education. Having received advanced formal certification in alternate dispute resolution from the University Of Windsor Faculty Of Law, he has applied his facilitation and mediation skills in both his former management role and his current one of consultant/harassment investigator. His education, experience and personal suitability enable him to interact effectively with all parties in the context of complex performance and work place conduct issues.

In addition to investigative work, Mr. Charbonneau's background in education enables him to apply the management principles of quality in the learning organization as well as group dynamics--from team building through team learning.